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This page is designed to answer your questions about ordering a custom cake for your special event.

Sonia's Piece of Cake specializes in unique cake of all kinds. All my work is 'made' to order and it's always customized to your specific needs. Because of the custom nature of my business I tend to book up very quickly.

If you have not done so already please visit our Cake Gallery to view some of my designs.


Once you have decided what style of cake you want. You must then determine how many servings you require. Things you should take into account are:

  • How many guests are in attendance?
  • How is the food being served (buffet / sit down)?
  • Are you serving other desserts?
  • Are you serving the cake at a luncheon or after a banquet?
  • How large of a slice do you want to serve? (slices are based on 2" x 2")
  • Do your guests typically have a sweet tooth?

A good way to estimate the size of cake you need is to take the required amount of servings and multiply by the size of slice you want (in square cm - or inches). That will give you the overall total surface area of the cake you require.

Once you know how much cake you need in total, consider how many tiers you would like and find the sizing for each tier that would make a proportional looking cake. For instance have the tiers step up in constant increments (ie: 6 - 9 -12 where each tier widens by 3 inches or 8 - 11 - 14, NOT 6 - 8 -16 unless that is the look you are trying to achieve). As an aid, below are the typical servings produced by each size of round cake.

2 Tier 6"-10" 6"-11" 6"-12" 8"-12"
3 Tier 6"-9"-12" 6"-10"-14" 8"-11"-14" 8"-12"-16"
4 Tier 6"-8"-10"-12" 6"-9"-12"-16" 8"-10"-12"-14""

Cake Cutting (to serve)

"How do you cut the cake?". The quick answer is "with a knife". Realistically, it depends on how much time you have as well as how many servings you need to cut. Some people will try to get the cake (regardless of its shape) into a square shape ASAP and then cut straight across for square pieces. There are many things to consider and each person's requirements and solutions may vary. One suggestion we do like to make is try to cut the cake just before you want to serve it so it will not dry out. If you have lot of slices to cut and need more time, cover the pieces when you refrigerate them after you cut them so the refrigerator does not dry the pieces up.

Kitchen Cakes

If you would like to save some money by using a small decorated cake with a plain, inexpensive 'kitchen cake aka Boxed cake' to feed the bulk of your guests, I would be happy to provide both for you. A kitchen cake is an excellent, elegant way to save money. It is the same quality of cake, icing and filling, finished in the same style (fondant or buttercream) but without the decorations that can add to the cost. This saves you money without sacrificing style.

Copyrighted Characters

It is illegal to duplicate and sell copyrighted characters (Dora, Diego, Spongebob, Elmo, Disney, etc.) I do abide by all copyright laws therefore will not reproduce any images that are copyrighted. The fines for getting caught are in the thousands of dollars and I am not willing to take that risk.

I can, however, use the overall design to create for you a fabulous cake that goes with your theme. Purchased toys, figures, and cake toppers can then be placed on the cake.

Food Safety

Please be aware that cream cheese, some icings and fillings have a very short time span and cannot sit out un-refrigerated. These are not recommended for outdoor receptions due to food safety issues.

Food Allergies

*Please be advised the cakes may contain or come in contact with milk, eggs, peanuts, wheat, tree nuts, soy, and other allergens.

**Please inform all your guests of this as well.

All of my cakes are made entirely from tried and true home receipies using only the finest ingredients. Each and every cake is carefully mixed and baked by hand to create the finest cake you have ever tasted.

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