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Welcome to Sonia's Piece of Cake. You might have guessed it, I am Sonia and this is my website! I would like to tell you my story of why and how I got into making celebration cakes. It all started with my daughter's third birthday. We wanted to get her an Extra special cake, no store bought mediocre cake for my little princess. So I found a cake decorator on kijiji and ordered two fondant beautiful "Cars" and "Barbie" themed cakes. The cake decorator required a down payment. I was happy to oblige since I was very excited to see the look on our daughters face when she saw her birthday cakes. The decorator wanted us to pay the remaining balance a week prior to delivery. The problem my husband and I had was that she was not offering any sort of receipts which immediately got our guards up. We told her we would only pay the balance on delivery if she was not willing to providing us with a receipt. She immediately cancelled our order and kept the deposit! In the end we lost our down payment with a week left to find someone to make my daughters cakes for her birthday. We eventually found someone that said she could make the exact same two cakes as the pictures we showed her for half the cost. We were ecstatic as you could imagine, time was running short. Yah, we got what we paid for... two nasty cakes that looked nothing like the ones we agreed on. Nothing! I think she might of even used an Easy Bake oven for the job.

I was not going to let this happen to me or anyone else we knew ever again!! To resolve this problem, I invested my own time to take all the classes I could find, I am now Wilton Certified and a member of the Canadian Cake Decorators Guild! Still today my goal is to put these 'kind' of bakers to shame with their so called skills and business practices. Now that's how Sonia's Piece of Cake was born!! I want to give everyone an opportunity to give that special someone, that special cake they deserve.

Fully Licensed & Insured! Food Safety Certified from the city of Hamilton 2010

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