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CAKE PRICING: There are so many different factors that determine the final cost of a cake. Design, Flavor, and number of people to feed are just a few. Your cake ingredient costs are minimal, time and design variations are the most costly factors in determining the final price of your Cake(s). This is why we highly recommend setting up a FREE consultation. (No consultation offered on orders of 100 or less servings.)

What is your price list?
Since every cake is custom-designed and created, we are not able to offer a set price list. Factors that influence the cost of your cake include number of servings, flavor, colour, filling choices, and the complexity of the design. The following are base prices however the final price will depend on the decoration style, icing used.

Cake prices include the following:

covered in white fondant with 2 Layers of filling and basic border

*slices are based on cutting pieces 2" x 2"(deck of cards)
**Specialty fillings and Certain fondant are extra.
Shapes Sizes Servings Prices
Round 6" 6-8 $25.00
Round 8" 10-15 $50.00
Round 10" 20-25 $80.00
Round 12" 30-35 $120.00
Round 14" 40-45 $160.00
Dummy/Fake Cakes 20% off
Sugar Flowers $.25-$10 each
Sheet Cakes - 1 layer of filling, iced in buttercream with basic decorations and borders. Specialty fillings and Fondant are extra.
Quarter Sheet 9" x 12" 15-20 $37.99
Half Sheet 11" x 15" 30-40 $64.99
Full Sheet 18" x 24" 70-80 $86.99


An extraordinary addition to any party is our mouth pleasing cupcakes. We offer some of the best combinations in flavours & fusions that will tease your taste buds and make your dietitian envious! Let's be honest, do you ever need an excuse to take these home!

Price: Dozen:
Simple $2.50 $27.50
Sophisticated $3.00 $33.00

Butter Cream Icing Flavors and Types

"I only make my own icings, so don't limit your taste buds!"
Flavors Types
Chocolate White-white butter cream (shortening based)
Vanilla Ivory butter cream (made with real butter)

Topsy Turvey

The base price for any of Topsy Turvy cake is $75. Only certain types of cake flavors, such as our lemon pound, white chocolate, or almond, can be used for Topsy Turvy cakes due to the nature of construction of the cake. Please ask me for more details.


Free delivery is offered to all orders over $50.00 within the Hamilton area. All orders under $50.00 within the Hamilton area will be subject to a $8.00 delivery charge. For delivery charges outside of Hamilton, please request a quote with address.

Refund Policy

A deposit of 50% is due at time of order placement. We ask for the balance to be paid in full upon delivery or pickup. If a cancellation is made less than a weeks prior to due date, the deposit will not refunded. If a cancelation is made before the one week cut off, a full refund of the deposit will be given less any fees.

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